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"The only way for you to soar, is to JUMP..." - Steve Harvey

I first began face painting back in 2016 as a weekend hobby.

It wasn't until 2021 that I jumped and went full time with my business.  Since then, I've continued to perfect not only my artistic skills, but turn my craft into a whole magical experience. 


"There's more to it.  I'm not just slapping on paint.."

As an entertainer, I understand the importance of creating those magical moments that children (and kids at heart) will cherish as a core memory.

90% of my summer schedule (May – September) is filled with large multiple day festivals where I hand paint hundreds of faces per day -sometimes lasting as long as 10am - 11pm! 

When the festivals come to an end, October through April, my slow season begins. This leaves me open to more smaller private parties, corporate/holiday parties, etc. during the colder months.

It's also during the slow season, that I open up commissions for my handpainted pet portraits! I work directly from your best photographs to create detailed and realistic portraits of your beloved family members. Perfect for that unique Christmas gift!

Meet the Artist

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